Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day Two: Share photos and experiences of your babybat days.

      Oh dear. I suppose like most of us, I've destroyed  the majority of my babybat photos. Some of them are quite horrendous. On top of that, my computer crashed recently, and I was unable to save anything on the harddrive. So, I've currently got my old photobucket account opened in a different window, ambiguously hoping there might be a few strays that were left. Or not. Lol, I'm surprised I even remember the username and stuff. Syn-Gates_4ever. Oh dear. ~.~

      Ok, so there are some photos left (I think quite unfortunately). I can't believe I'm going to post these. I'll put them in order from oldest to the end of my babybat days.

Oh yuck, this picture makes me cringe. This was pretty much the first time I ever realized I could take pictures of myself. And they were bad. Let alone the makeup job.

Shortly after the first picture was taken, I went to a salon and got my hair cut. It's not surpising that they screwed it up. This was taken as soon as I got home. And then after a few pictures, I realized the back was too long and the bangs were not right, so I took a pair of scissors and fixed it myself. Did a surprisingly good job. I haven't had anyone else cut my hair since.

Yup, I acquired these shoes from a thrift store (there were like 2 sizes too big) and began collecting lots of striped socks (no matter what colors they were), and I wore this geddup frequently.

Ya, I know the quality is horrific, this photo was taken on the crappiest picture phone I've owned. As for the picture itself... I had ended up (accidentally) dying my hair black. (My mother says I'm not allowed to dye it black, so I bought the darkest dark brown they had. And this happened.) This is actually the day I dressed up as Alice from Twilight to go to the B&N premiere party thing for when Breaking Dawn came out. The outfit is old and new. The corset part was something I bought at Hot Topic for $40. And then dress underneath was from a thrift store. And I still own and wear both.

This sums up my entire freshman year. I saw him the first week of school and fell head over heels. I never thought he'd even look at someone like me. And we ended up dating. (only for two weeks I might add) See, at this point, I'd never had a boyfriend and wasn't sure what to do with one once I got him. But it was wonderful all the same. As you can see, I was getting a little better as a babybat, though still wearing the Hot Topic corset. =P

A year later, I went blonde. I was still into goth, as you can see by the black and white stripes and jack skellington shorts. =P, but I had the urge to have platinum/white hair. I currently still have blonde hair, but a few months ago, I decided to grow it out back to my brown, and then dye it dark from there.

Ya, I was doing scene some days. I thought I was on the right track though, my shirt in this picture says 'I heart creeps'. And I still have it. =P Though its been through some moderations via scissors.

This was actually ON Halloween (no, I didn't just get magically brave enough to wear this casually to the mall. But Halloween let me get as creative as I wanted with makeup and opened up my mind to ideas. As for the outfit in this picture (you can't see much), but I'm wear a little chain jacket, some elbow length gloves with straps, a black corset, and a black tutu, ALL came from Hot Topic, dear me. The tights that I'm wearing came from the Halloween store. xP I still own all of this.

This picture was actually for a skellanimals contest I found on facebook. You had to take a picture of yourself with all your skellanimal products and send it in. Not only did I set up my own skellanimal photoshoot in my bathroom, resulting in this picture, I ended up winning the contest. =]] The prize was, wait for it.... skellanimal stuff! I got like 20 skellanimal stickers (that I still have, unused, and are in my wallet right now) and I got a Skellanimals beanie, that I never wore, so I gave it to my littlest sister. She likes it.

At this point, I was getting better and more creative with makeup. As well as better at taking pictures of myself. It's nice to see that there was some growth during my baby bat days. =P The pink bathroom in this picture, however, was not mine, it was at a friend's house. (My bathroom at the time was rubber ducky themed). And I'm wearing my jack skellington matching tank top and shorts pj set. Which I still own, and am currently wearing the shorts right now. =P

So ya, I've posted all these embarrassing babybat photos, hoping to help babybats grow up and out of the iffy stages. xP oh dear.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I gave in. =P The Goth Challenge - Day 1: How did you come across the subculture?

Yup, I've been following several others on their journeys through the Goth Challenge and I'm finally giving in and participating. Though I have very few followers, I'll continue to hope I'll gather them. Slowly but surely, I tell myself. =]

So, to answer the first question--
As bad as this sounds, I, like any other child would see someone dressed in platform shoes and other black essentials, and I'd oggle as they walked by. However, I was probably one of the few who admired them. In all their beautiful glory.

In my elementary school days, though I didn't wear black, I was the odd one out anywho. In middle school, I'd go to the mall sometimes with my sister, and the Hot Topic of the mall beckoned to us (as pathetic as that sounds). So we started our babybat days as mallgoths. haha, that's where it all began.

=] ---

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reminds me.

      This post is about several things. First, this morning, I read Amy's (of The Ultimate Goth Guide) post this morning about the 30 Goth Challenge and the question of the day was 'What're your worst and best experiences with non-goths?". Well, I had a great experience today. =P My cousin and sister and I were sitting at In N Out for lunch today, and this little old man in a pink t-shirt sitting at the table next to us, leans over, and asks what we're all dressed up for. Mind you, I'm wearing a tight little spandex dress printed with bows on it, paired with my ripped black skinnies, and combat boots. My sister next to me is wearing black pants with laces up the sides, and a purple and black tank top saying 'I heart Creeps' and her make up is her gothy best. We replied to the old man, "We just dress like this everyday." And of course we were expecting a scolding on the way we look, but then he said, "well, you girls look great. I love it." and, with smiles, we each went back to eating our food. Then, just as we were leaving, I went to the old man and told him he made my day, and he said, "Oh well you girls definately made mine. I'll have a good day now."

      This isn't a daily occurance so it was heartwarming. =]

      On another note, we went thrift store shopping this morning! =D Yes, much excitement. I didn't have but $14 on me, so I didn't buy much. I bought a black wrap made of cashmere (definately something for winter) that was beautiful, got it for $4. And I got a nice slimming black over shirt for $3. I'll post pictures in my next post. =]

      After the thrift stores, we headed down the street to a store called Planet Funk. It's one of those expensive alternative stores that is like a mix between what Hot Topic should be, and the Blue Moon store, plus Toxic, mixed in with some marijuana. But I'm still a fan of Bob Marley, so I don't mind a little reggae. We just went in to get some fashion ideas, everything was out of budget. Though I had originally gone in so I could buy a cute little nose stud. Last time I was in there, they had little heart nose studs and some tiny stars, a cherry one, and the one I wanted to buy, I little circle with a blue swirl on it. But alas! They were out of the one I wanted, so I left the store empty handed.

     Then, we were off to the other cousin's house to pick her up. Tonight, we're going to a Katy Perry concert. (This had been a birthday present for each of us). So now, we're discussing what we're going to wear and how outrageously 80's we'll be for the concert. And don't judge based on my music tastes. I like Goth music artists as well as Katy Perry. I mean, come on, she's wonderfully great at standing out. It's definately something to admire.

     So now, I'll thank you for reading thus far. =] That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So, I'm a huge book fan, and I've recently stumbled across a tournament for Young Adult books and it started out as a contest where you can nominate your favorite Hottie character from a book and then they all went against each other. Well now, Jace, from Cassandra Clare's 'City of Bones, is in the top two and the voting for this final round is today! Soooo, help vote please and pass on the word <3 There will be prizes for us adoring fans. =]

Here is the link to the post on the Grand Finale of the tourney, you don't have to read the entire post, but at the bottom of the post is the poll to vote for Jace.

Thanks so much <3