Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I gave in. =P The Goth Challenge - Day 1: How did you come across the subculture?

Yup, I've been following several others on their journeys through the Goth Challenge and I'm finally giving in and participating. Though I have very few followers, I'll continue to hope I'll gather them. Slowly but surely, I tell myself. =]

So, to answer the first question--
As bad as this sounds, I, like any other child would see someone dressed in platform shoes and other black essentials, and I'd oggle as they walked by. However, I was probably one of the few who admired them. In all their beautiful glory.

In my elementary school days, though I didn't wear black, I was the odd one out anywho. In middle school, I'd go to the mall sometimes with my sister, and the Hot Topic of the mall beckoned to us (as pathetic as that sounds). So we started our babybat days as mallgoths. haha, that's where it all began.

=] ---

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  1. Weirdly I too didn't wear black as a little kid -- in fact I hated black... obviously changed my mind about that over time.