Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Messin' Around

         Mhm. Today, I was extremely unentertained. We went into town and not one of the thrift stores we went to had ANYTHING of interest. Not even anything that could be changed or fixed, or even taken apart. So, being empty-handed, we spent money that would have gone to thrift stores, on a delicious lunch at Mimi's Cafe. It's definately one of my favorite restaurants because of the French theme. Hehe. Oh! And what made this better was when the waitress came to take our drink orders, she first offered me a Mimosa, or something else from the bar. =D haha, I'm only 17, but I liked that she thought I looked older than I am. Though, it does happen quite a bit, I shouldn't be surprised by it.

        After our lunch, with nothing left to do, we came home. After sitting in the bedroom on the laptop for a bit, I felt a bit of inspiration to play with makeup on my cousin and myself. I tried some baby-doll goth makeup on my cousin... Something I've never tried; and after trying, I learned I needed way more practice. Oh, it looked horrible, and I'm great with makeup! The kind of girl all the friends flock to when it's time for Prom makeup and whatnot. Anyway, after having my cousin wash off her face, and having a growing feeling of dissatisfaction at my not-so-great baby-doll skills, I sat on the bed, waiting for some more inspiration.

         At this moment, where I'm sitting on the bed in my own disdain, my sister says to me, "Why don't you make your eyebrows black!" In my head, I'm thinking, "Wtf?" and making this face- o.O ... I thought it'd look ridiculous on me, but I suggested we search for the liquid eyeliner besides. Before long, nobody could find the good liquid eyeliner, so I grabbed my sister's angled brush and my black eyeshadow, and went from there. The first eyebrow went smoothly, and a lot more easily than expected. (I've done my eyebrows before, just not with black and not as harshly.) With the second eyebrow I made a bit of a boo-boo, but it was easily fixed. By the way, I'd already had my eye make-up done from this morning, so I was really trying not to screw it up, I didn't feel like touching that up too.

       In the end, the eyebrows came out great. And after that, I decided I wanted to pale out my face a bit, as I hadn't actually done any foundation this morning. Then, I played around with the liner brush and black shadow a bit more, and this was my end result. I must say, it was much fun, and I loved how this looked on me. =]


Ya, I know it's kind of 'mallgoth', but I really loved it. =]

And this last picture, I super edited. I like the way it came out.

These three pictures definately sum up the creative part of my day.

Friday, July 15, 2011


        I'm not entirely sure why I kept planning to post a new blog about today. The entire afternoon, I just had an urge, and I'm sure it was some silly reason. It's not like anyone reads this yet anyway. Hmm... today, we...oh! We dressed in our best and went into town to go see the Harry Potter movie. We didn't get to see it last night because there were other things going on. Oh, and by 'we', I mean my sister, my cousin, and myself. During the summer, the three of us are practically inseperable.
       I remember what I wanted to post. Outfits of the day. Mostly because I loved my cousin's so much, but there is mine and my sister's as well.

I loved her little wool dress. This is my cousin. =]

This was the first picture of my sister and I. Nothing particularly special about our outfits, I just loved my shirt, And my sister's tiara. =]
Of course, then we needed a silly picture.

So yes, not exactly exciting, but I felt the need to post this anyway. =]

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A short piece

Was reading The Ultimate Goth Guide (as it's become my recent obsession, this whole blogging idea), and I've started reading her blog from the very beginning. There is a reason for this post and the mention of Miss Amy though. In her post "Goth make-up - Where to begin?" from December 13, 2010, the first thing she mentioned was her score on Goth Compass. So naturally, my mind goes... Goth compass? Sounds intriguing, so I pull it up, and it's a nifty little thing that tells you what kind of goth you 'represent' I suppose, just after answering some questions. And I took this little quiz. (It's quite long actually.) I've been a bit confused before as to what attracts me, and this 'compass' only affirms that. Apparently, I'm a little bit of everything. A close tie between Mopey (at 56%), and then Industrial (at 45%). And then of course you tack on Perky (with 31%... I suppose that's a bit of bipolarocity on my part), and a wee bit of Romantic, coming in with 14%. I suppose we're all die-hard romantics at heart whether we embrace it or not.

Anyway, I just thought this was a little nifty, so if anyone does end up reading this blog, here's the link you can go to if you'd like to find your way with the compass. =]

I've been putting this off...

I'm the kind of person who writes in a leather bound, old fashioned paper diary. I don't write every day like I'd love to, just because I put it off continuously and nothing will be written until some big event happens. Of course, then I have to catch up on everything that happened between then and the last thing I wrote about.

The whole lot of this is just a bunch of hooplah. The reason I've been putting of posting anything at all is because I've read such wonderful blogs like 'The Ultimate Goth Guide' and 'Juliet's Lace' and they've all got a purpose or reason to be posted. I'd love to have a great blog where everyone waits in anticipation for each update and post. At this moment, there isn't really a reason. Also, I didn't want to become another whiny teen with a blog complaining to all the world about how everything sucks, because A) that's not what I do... and B) who would read that nonsense anyway, let alone 'enjoy it'.

So far, I'm thinking I'd like to be a place where I decribe my journey through the beautiful subculture of Goth. I already follow it and know my research, so I'm not just some dumb babybat wannabe. I just thought I'd like to make this as sort of a grimoire, like witches do when they record every little thing they do. I know this could get addicting, the blogging I mean, if it starts to turn out the way I want it to.

Right now, what I've got on my mind is the word Serendipity. For those of you who don't know what it means:
Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] (n.)-
1. An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity.
2. A combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together produce a good or wonderful outcome.

Now, first let me give you a little backstory. Today was the day where everything I've been keeping in decided to blow up on me and cause a bit of a breakdown. We all get those every-so-often, right? Well, as the night is coming to a close, I went into the room to fold the last bit of laundry to get it off the bed, so that I could then, crawl into bed and ultimately, sleep. As I was folding them, a bit of scrunched paper fell into my hand. When I unrolled it, I realized the paper was a fortune I had shoved into my pocket and was now a little faded and torn from enduring the wash and dry cycles. (Now, let me tell you, during my breakdown, I had talked to my boyfriend on the phone and he let me cry and babble and get it off my chest for a while and it made me feel so much better that he was there for me, even through this nonsense. But currently, I'm not in love with my boyfriend. I feel like I don't know how to love or something, but I can't. He says he loves me and that this is all okay with him.)  So anyway, I read the fortune, and it says, "Love is finding things of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition." This is where I felt that I was meant to find and read this. I'm not saying that I suddenly fell into pathetic, romantical (yes, I'm aware this isn't a word) love with my boyfriend. But it did help me confirm things in my head and somehow, maybe, sorta, reassured a bit in my mind.

That's perfectly alright with me if you don't believe in this type of stuff, but it's been a bit of a reoccurring theme in my life lately, and I'm already not the sort to believe in coincidences.
This is just a bit of magic I thought I'd share with the currently empty audience to my blog. =]

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Test.

As the title suggests, this is only a test post. I've never used blogspot before, or any sort of blog for that matter. I'm currently in the 'figuring all the tools out' phase. Yes, I'm a newbie, so just let me fiddle please. =]

Thanks so much.

Listening to: "My True Love" by Informatik