Friday, July 15, 2011


        I'm not entirely sure why I kept planning to post a new blog about today. The entire afternoon, I just had an urge, and I'm sure it was some silly reason. It's not like anyone reads this yet anyway. Hmm... today, we...oh! We dressed in our best and went into town to go see the Harry Potter movie. We didn't get to see it last night because there were other things going on. Oh, and by 'we', I mean my sister, my cousin, and myself. During the summer, the three of us are practically inseperable.
       I remember what I wanted to post. Outfits of the day. Mostly because I loved my cousin's so much, but there is mine and my sister's as well.

I loved her little wool dress. This is my cousin. =]

This was the first picture of my sister and I. Nothing particularly special about our outfits, I just loved my shirt, And my sister's tiara. =]
Of course, then we needed a silly picture.

So yes, not exactly exciting, but I felt the need to post this anyway. =]

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