Thursday, July 14, 2011

A short piece

Was reading The Ultimate Goth Guide (as it's become my recent obsession, this whole blogging idea), and I've started reading her blog from the very beginning. There is a reason for this post and the mention of Miss Amy though. In her post "Goth make-up - Where to begin?" from December 13, 2010, the first thing she mentioned was her score on Goth Compass. So naturally, my mind goes... Goth compass? Sounds intriguing, so I pull it up, and it's a nifty little thing that tells you what kind of goth you 'represent' I suppose, just after answering some questions. And I took this little quiz. (It's quite long actually.) I've been a bit confused before as to what attracts me, and this 'compass' only affirms that. Apparently, I'm a little bit of everything. A close tie between Mopey (at 56%), and then Industrial (at 45%). And then of course you tack on Perky (with 31%... I suppose that's a bit of bipolarocity on my part), and a wee bit of Romantic, coming in with 14%. I suppose we're all die-hard romantics at heart whether we embrace it or not.

Anyway, I just thought this was a little nifty, so if anyone does end up reading this blog, here's the link you can go to if you'd like to find your way with the compass. =]

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  1. Nice blog you have. I'll take the quiz asap. I'm new at blogspot too. If you want follow me back :) Byes!